X-Men vs Street Fighter


Same character trick from RoyVTX
Place the cursor at Wolverine and hold left. The cursor will move randomly. Try to hit the cursor at Wolverine and move the cursor to Wolverine and select him. You should have two similar characters in the team. You can now select any two similar characters.

Additional Colors from RoyVTX
Beat the game at least once, then pressing X or Z will allow you to select two new color costumes exclusive for Sega Saturn.

Full combo gauge from Michael Bae
Finish the game.

Quick Restart from Andre Thibert and Edward Davis, Jr.
After a fight is over, the loser of the fight can have a quick rematch without needing to choose the same players over again (in Arcade or Versus modes). After the match is over and before the winning quote is shows (when the victor is highlighted by an “X” or “Z”), press the L & R buttons simultaneously. You should hear a voice saying “Fight!” The match will then be restarted. Note: Only the team who lost can do this.

Random Character Select from Tron Small
Simply push down and hold your directional keypad button to the left and wait 2 seconds, the cursor will quickly run around the screen and all you’ll have to do is push any punch button to select

Easier Same Character Trick from Ken Ko
Finish the game once and you will be able to choose the same characters in Arcade mode.

Use Chun Li in her Alpha 2 costume from Nick Bennet

Move to Chun Li. Hold Start for approx. 5 seconds then press a button. Chun Li should then be in her Alpha 2 costume. She’s exactly the same except that her fireball is performed by B,DB,D,DF,F+Punch instead of the charge motion.

Play as Gouki! (Akuma) from Nick Bennet
Simply press Up at the top of the character select screen to choose him!

RAM Cart Compatibility from Ken Ko
1) Samurai Shodown IV – The game still plays fine, but the animation for some characters get totally messed up. Not compatible

2) Fighter’s History Dynamite – Not too many people bought this one, but I played a few rounds using Mizoguchi….. the game loads faster and plays SMOOTHER.

3) Marvel Super Heroes – No apparent difference. Loading time is the same as before

4) Metal Slug – About the same as with the first Sega Ram cart, maybe a bit faster. There is very little slowdown with the 4 Meg Ram cart when played against bosses of each level.

Sharper Sound Effects from Edward Davis, Jr.
For even sharper sound effects, go to Options mode and highlight “Audio”. Press one of the shoulder buttons (L or R), and “Sharpen SE” should appear. All sound effects are sharper and clearer.

Trick from Vance Palodichuk
If you press start after winning a match, you can move around. It’s pretty pointless, but if you get the timing right, you can make your character look cool when it shows the after-match taunt screen.

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