Mobile Suit Gundam


Review by: Kenny Shinjo
Note: Not the Mobile Suit Gundam cockpit view Blue Destiny game.

After seeing the reviews on the Macross game I figured I should send one for the Gundam game. If you’re into anime, you probablyknow what Mobile Suit Gundam is. If you’re not, then simply said, it’s another robot mech animation from Japan.

This game is much like the Macross game. In fact this game came out a long while ago. I’m surprised noone reviewed it yet. Oh well. Anyway like the Macross game this is a horizontal shooter game in which you shoot the bad guys in the foreground, background, and in front/back of you. And like the Macross game, everything has been rendered except for the anime scenes. Unlike the Macross game, your mech doesn’t transform into any thing. It does have a neat shield like a chivalric knight though. And a gun ofcourse. ^_^

Movie clips:
Like the Macross game this game too has plenty of FMV sequences. Though not as much. However, unlike Macross, every FMV sequence is totally brand new. Very familiar to Gundam fans but if the fan looks closely he/she will see the changes from the original anime. The detailing is much much better! (I’ve seen Gundam many times). Ofcourse there was just no way the creators was going to show the entire anime. Especially since the game is only one disc. But you do get the SHORT SHORT version of the entire story. The anime was 3 very long movies.

Controls, Music, and Sounds:
The controls were simple and easy to remember. You only need about 4 or 5 of the buttons, though the game allows you to use all 8. The music of the game is pretty good. Very Gundamish. I personally like the ending theme music. It wasn’t from the anime but it was good nevertheless.The sound effects come straight from the anime. I love the sound of the beam rifle firing!

Shooting game fans should look elsewhere because it’ll be way too easy. I pretty much suck at shooting games but I had no trouble clearing this game at normal level. I’ll say this though: It certainly funner to play than the Playstation Gundam game which is a cockpit view shooter. (Pssst if you want to play a good Gundam cockpit view shooter play the Saturn Mobile Suit Gundam: Blue Destiny game – I’ll review this too someday)

Anyway, this game is –

My rating (I’m a Gundam fan): 9 out of 10
For shooting fans: Probably 5 out of 10

Note: There’s a sequel to this game and anime called Mobile Suit Gundam Z. This time the creators got it all wrong. They tried to be smart and made the game so impossibly hard there’s no way the average guy can clear it. They made the controls complex and hard to use. Worst of all, they didn’t even bother making any new anime FMV sequences. Took the FMV sequences straight from the TV anime. Could not recommend this to even a die-hard Zeta Gundam fan. Sorry. My rating: 4? maybe less

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