Macross SDF


Review by: Jose Toral

Macross SDF is basically a shooter based on the popular anime series. It comes packed with 2 cd’s and while you may think this means a long game it is not. The game is very short so the disc space apparently went mostly towards the fmv sequences. Despite the sequences being beautiful I would have liked a longer game Instead.

Now on the subject of graphics I thought they were pretty good but I have seen better. All of the various ships and mechs seem to be pre-rendered graphics which are constantly scaled. This gives the game an odd surreal look. There is also some parallax but not as much as other shooters I’ve seen. The best graphics seem to be the fmv after a level.

The sound on the other hand is really good with a lot of voice and some decent music. The only place I think were the sound falters is with the sound effects themselves some sounds seem to be weak. But that is a minor Quibble.

The real problem I have with this game is that it is just too easy. Anyone who is a avid shooter fan will be able to blow through this easily. Nonetheless it is a fun ride. So in closing I’d recommend this mostly to fans of the anime,and not someone who is looking for a phenomenal shooter. On a scale of one to ten I give it a 7.



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