Duke Nukem 3D


Duke Nukem 3D
Review by: David Sharpe
With Labotomy Software doing the programming for Duke there was never any doubt that the Saturn conversion of the game would be anything less than amazing. This review is basically to explain just how good this game actually is. It is hard to know where to begin reviewing a game this good so I have broke the review down into sections.

Graphics: 10/10

Anyone who has played Exhumed will know how good the graphics were in that and guess what Duke looks even better than that. The frame rate is incredibly smooth and the awesome lighting effects make Saturn Duke one of the finest graphic accomplishment on the Saturn. It is comforting to know that no other version of Duke Nukem 3D looks as good as this, I have awarded full marks for graphics as Saturn Duke looks even better than the PC (even with a 3d accelerator card).

Gameplay 9/10

Just about everything from the PC has made its way to the Saturn version, including all the risqué elements of the bad language and porno cinema environment. Although gameplay wise Exhumed was the better game because of the puzzle solving elements Duke is a stunning gameplay experience. Duke is more of a blast everything in sight affair which maybe more appealing to most people.

Sound 8/10

The humorous speech adds to Duke character of being a nasty piece of work an excellent touch. The music is nothing to write home about but in a game like Duke the graphics are strong enough to create the atmosphere without the music.

Lastability 10/10

Due to the shear size of Duke Nukem 3D you will be playing this game for a long time as there are a number of different difficulty settings. Once you have completed the game you will receive the bonus game DeathTank which is an amazing game worthy of a separate review all on its own.

Overall 9/10

In short Duke Nukem is one of the finest games to arrive on the Saturn, if you miss this game from your list you are missing out, it is a must have. The fact that it is better on the Saturn than the N64, Playstation and PC makes it even more of a must.

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