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Net Link lets you explore the Internet, browse the World Wide Web, even send E-Mail using Sega Saturn. Net Link is a 28.8 kbps modem that fits into the Sega Saturn cartridge port, allowing you to explore the Internet, browse the World Wide Web, even send and receive E-Mail, all from your TV.


  • High-speed 28.8kbps modem plugs into Sega Saturn cartridge port.
  • 30′ phone cord included. Connects Net Link to standard phone jack.
  • Custom designed Web Browser by Planet Web.


  • Click from site to site on the World Wide Web with your Sega Saturn controller.
  • Specially designed for use with standard television sets for web surfing in the comfort of your living room.
  • Powerful bookmark feature saves you favorite web sites for quick access.
  • Fully HTML 2.0 compliant and supports most HTML3.0 extensions.


  • Custom 3D city interface available only to Net Link users.
  • Explore neighborhoods of web content featuring sports, travel, entertainment and much more.
  • Over 200 pre-selected sites speed access to the Internet’s hottest sites.


  • Internet access is easy with Net Link. State-of-the-art access is provided by Concentric Network Corporation, one of the world’s largest ISPs.
  • Concentric offers over 200 local dial up points to eliminate most long distance charges.
  • Special Toll-Free dial up package available.
  • Net Link is also compatible with many other major internet service providers.


  • Exchange electronic mail with anyone on the internet, anywhere in the world.
  • Powerful address book saves your most important E-Mail addresses for instant access.
  • On-screen virtual keyboard. Type with your Sega Saturn controller.

The Internet Made Simple

Because the Internet is often daunting for a first-time user, Sega has created an easy-to-use interface that makes going online as easy as flipping the channel. Once users log-on, they are taken to a “map” of the 3D Net Link city — a 20-block, 3-D Internet city complete with a movie cineplex, airport, financial district and museums.

Users can “click” on the neighborhood of their choice. For example, a click on “Sports” will take users further into the Sports neighborhood, which offers specific Web sites to explore, including USA Today’s Sports page, Diamond Back, Gatorade and Sports Illustrated for Kids. More than 225 sites have special graphical icons in the Net Link 3D city.

Once acquainted with the Internet, users can explore “outside” of the Net Link cities and do some “lone surfing.” Sega Saturn Net Link comes bundled with a Web browser that was specifically designed to optimize text and graphics on TV screens. Special anti-aliasing and image processing technology produces crisp text, bright, true colors, and sharp pictures.

Both graphically appealing and intuitive in direction, the Sega Saturn Net Link 3D city is home base for Sega Saturn Net Link users and will be expanded to include more custom features in the city, such as virtual user apartments, user home pages, city-wide telephone service, and other citizen programs.

Here’s a look at other Sega Saturn Net Link browser features:

Parental Control — A parental control system in the Sega Saturn Net Link allows parents to customize the system’s content for their children. Using a special password, parents can customize the type and level of restrictions of more than 170,000 rated Web sites according to 15 different categories — including five different degrees within those categories. To further aid parents, the control system divides the Web sites into different age categories that can be used for reference.

Short Cuts — The Sega Saturn Net Link is equipped with several “short cuts” that give users access to the Web with the click of a button including “http” and “www.” buttons, and customizable “bookmarks” that users can use to highlight some of their favorite sites on the Web.

Magnification — The Sega Saturn Net Link allows users to click and magnify certain parts of the page to view smaller fonts, images, etc. This movable electronic magnifying glass provides three levels of magnification — 2x, 4x, and 8x — to ensure that every detail on the Web can be viewed by users.

Reviews — Sega Saturn Net Link users will also be treated to the high-tech version of Siskel & Ebert with Excite Reviews. These Web site reviews preview more than 100,000 Web sites and are written by a team of professional journalists who have expertise in specific content categories.

Customized Navigation Tools — The main tool bar is translucent and can be “hidden” to allow for more screen visibility; however, the URL address line remains constant. A pop-up command compass and on-screen keyboard are also accessible.

Interface Themes — To spice up Internet navigation, Sega Saturn Net Link gives users eight different themes with custom sound effects and interface graphics ranging from “Far East” to “Sports” and “Rocket Man.”

Off-Screen Keyboard — Users can also interact with the browser via a standard PS/2 keyboard attached to the Sega Saturn with a low-cost Sega keyboard adapter.

Tech Specs — Compatible with all HTML 2.0 and most HTML 3.0 extensions, continuous upgrades will be available via Internet downloads and new browser CDs. Sega Saturn Net Link also supports AIFF, WAV and AU audio files as well as standard PPP E-Mail.

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