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With more and more news about Sega’s next console coming to light it sounds like they have done their homework. A good operating system, lots of ram, fast CPU and a 12speed CD-rom it all sound pretty good ahh. But I wonder if this thought ever crossed Sega’s mind Sony knows what model 3 games look like. So Sega has given Sony a target to shot for and it looks like Sega will have their next console ready before Sony. Then a month or so later Sony will walk into the market with superior equipment and cream Sega once again. (Nintendo should be busy with the bulky drive) What Sega needs to do is finish the next arcade board the Model 4 and keep it hidden then base the next console on that. Sega has to stop trying to be the first out of the gate. They lost with the Saturn first on the market doesn’t mean your the winner Sega needs to have Blackbelt in three to four years where Sony is today. Then we’ll hear things like “good as it gets on the PSX2” and “the PSX2 still has some life to it”

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That Shady Five Star Policy

I agree with Renn Shion, SEGA’s description of that 5-star policy is very questionable. What is SEGA thinking? I can’t imagine a worse scenario, Marketing Execs deciding which games are good. What about videogame players? I know Renn is correct when he calls SEGA of America “lazy”, just look at […]