Sega Ships Steep Slope Sliders for the Saturn


The popularity of snowboarding has snowballed so much over the last few years that it is now an Olympic sport — but Olympiads won’t be the only ones “getting extreme” this winter. Gamers can experience the thrills of real snowboarding, and boldly go where no snowboarder has gone before, with “Steep Slope Sliders” for Sega Saturn. “Steep Slope Sliders” will be available from Segaof America nationwide on December 16.

“Steep Slope Sliders” takes gamers on a 3D thrill ride on slopes from six different countries, and that’s just the beginning. Board down an outer space astro pipe, jump off roofs and embankments and even race downhill as an alien. This is shredding at its trippiest.

Gamers can tear and carve with full 360 degree movement through one of seven deep-powdered slopes and jump off of just about anything while jamming to a funky and fast-paced soundtrack of more than 10 original songs. “Steep Slope Sliders” will separate the zeroes from the heroes as players compete against the clock for their fastest time and perform tricks, turns and jumps for maximum “trick points.” The highest combined score wins.

“Like the sport of snowboarding itself, `Steep Slope Sliders’ takes gamers on an extreme ride that is cool, different and filled with intensity,” said Brad Hogan product manager, Sega Sports. “As with all Sega Sports games, `Steep Slope Sliders’ gives gamers realism combined with hidden characters, challenging courses and replay value that will keep them coming back for more.”

“Steep Slope Sliders” offers players a cast of colorful and talented male and female boarders each specializing in different tricks and turns. It’s up to gamers to figure out the best moves and board stances, either regular or “goofy” (using the right foot first). Thrash down the slopes as a freestyle pro performing stunts such as the “chicken salad,” or jump in the air, do a “tail grab,” and finish off with a “nose grab” by picking up the edge of your board. With “Steep Slope Sliders,” anyone can try this extreme winter sport — without a butt pad.

The game is set on the most challenging and picturesque slopes in the world, from Japan, to Italy, New Zealand and other international locales. “Steep Slope Sliders” features courses ranging from a scenic Russian ride with steep rocks and serious curves, to a snow-filled cavernous dam under construction that can only be reached by jumping out of a helicopter.

Players also can “tear-up” the well-known half-pipe track or try jumping off abandoned cars and junkyard objects on the Snowboard Park track. These narrow courses become a boarder’s playground for tricks and combinations. “Steep Slope Sliders” is the only game where you can perform a back flip and a 360 with a tail grab, it’s the perfect setting to catch some air.

“Steep Slope Sliders” is jam-packed with hidden characters and courses. Advanced boarders can shred through four hidden courses, such as the Asteroid Belt or Astro Pipe. Once players have mastered the basics, they can earn four additional boarders including a mysterious alien and seven hidden characters such as a penguin, dog or paper man.

Gamers can relive their greatest combinations with a special instant replay option and view their tricks from different angles and viewpoints. As an added bonus, players can also see their best moves from different colored filters or strobe lights. They can even custom edit the saved replays using the various camera angles and colors to make the boarders’ best moves works of art. Players can make every ride a new experience by choosing different songs, camera angles and boards. For an added bonus, gamers can change the clothes of the boarders for an entirely new look.

“Steep Slope Sliders” for Sega Saturn will be available in retail stores for an SRP of $39.99.

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