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Hi Dave,

I really pleased that you have kept your brilliant website online. It is THE best site out there, and as you know the Saturn is still an important machine for many people. If those who don’t know ( is teeming with great Saturn games for sale, and if you want to sell your copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga…well I have just seen one go for £70!

Keep on gaming

Chris Reilly

DaveZ replies: I really wish I didn’t have to pay so much for the Saturn games that I’m still on the look out for…I’d rather have them be readily available and for a bargain. I wouldn’t sell my copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga — ever. Well, I don’t even have it right now…

I Love You

I am here alone in my town… When i am not doing music shows with my band, painting, reading or watching movies, I am playing video games…

And I’m a super HARDCORE OLDSCHOOL gamer… I am still playing my VIRTUAL BOY couple time a MONTHS, and playing TETRIS and VIRTUAL FISHING from JAPAN…

Also playing my SEGA SATURN… Thats the reason of my e-mail… THANK for your page, and DONT put it down…

For 2 years I was reading daily the PANZER DRAGOON SAGA reviews… When I finally got the games 4 months ago, I thougt about saying THANK to YOU, thnak to guy I dont know… That helped me dreaming while I was not having the RIGHT games…


Now I am HAPPY….


Sam Murdock

DaveZ replies: Well, I’m glad to be of some service to you. I’ll keep this page up as long as possible. It has outlived the Saturn and now the Dreamcast and hope to keep it up until my ultimate death! Since I’m a fat ass, it might not be up much longer…


Hi Dave,

That’s a great saturn site you’ve got there, I never knew that it was here until now!

I remember the first time I played NiGHTS, it completely blew me away and i’m sure it did a lot of other people too. I’ve loved the saturn ever since, and just haven’t found anything that matches the quality of this game.

Also, what do you think of Saturn Emulation? Obviously it’s not going to match up to the thrill of the real thing but it’s great that, when processors get fast enough and the emulators get more advanced, we’ll be able to play saturn games in much higher resolutions than was possible on a real saturn, bringing a whole new view of the games we currently own!

Long live the Saturn

Almighty Clint

Almighty Saturn X

DaveZ replies: I’ve never really been that into emulation. Even in cases where it’s perfect or better than perfect, I’ve always felt like it wasn’t the true experience. I also just don’t like playing games on my PC for some reason (maybe because I’m working on it so much).


Damn, this is strange. Something called me to your page. I haven’t seen it since the death of… something made me type “” into my browser… Hell, I didn’t even recognize the site until I saw your name… and you recently started updating again. Thanks for keeping it up.


DaveZ replies: Updates are pretty infrequent, but will keep on coming…

New Saturn Fan

Having read your reviews in various publications/websites.. etc. I was pleasantly surprised to discover One day after I discovered the joy that is Saturn.

I’ll admit, I was an avid ‘Sega-hater’, up until DC hit shelves.. Soul Calibur..etc… the rest is history. My eyes were opened. However, now DC’s pretty much dying off, and I’m still searching for that ‘one killer game’, other than SC, to define the DC as a whole, I suddenly thought.. heck, what was Saturn actually LIKE? I ran out, and bought one, for all of $20, with a couple games with innocent names like Albert Odyssey, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Dragon Force. I also thought to myself, hmm.. maybe now i’ll check out that NiGHTs game that looked remotely interesting a few years ago. I love this machine. So much. I’ve found myself looking around online all day trying to pick up more Saturn titles that I like the look of, looking for fan sites, this being the best one I’ve seen, etc etc.

I just wanted to thank you for keeping the site running, flipping the corporate bird to Sega for the rights to the domain name way back in 98, etc.

Now all I have to do is find a game for DC that I can’t complete in under 4 days, and I’m all set. =)

Keep it real.


DaveZ replies: The Saturn is still one of my all time favorite systems — even though I think it could have been so much better than it was. Games like the ones you’ve mentioned and many others. If you’re into strategy games, you might also want to check out Iron Storm, and if you can find copies, you ought to play Shining Force III, Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Panzer Dragoon Saga and Burning Rangers (for the theme music).

March 17, 2001

Waking the Dead

hey dave i just wanted to thank you for making such a great page. anyone will make a page for some fresh new system with games coming out every day but it really takes heart to make a page for a dead system just because u know its the shit even though few others do.

alex k

DaveZ replies: The Saturn will always have a special place in my heart and this page will see more updates whenever possible. My plans include reviewing some of the games that came out after the site originally shut down and updating all of the release date sections and the like, just don’t expect a lot of work in any short period of time. Too busy hittin’ on the ladies and getting laid — well, at least thinking about shit like that.


Hi Dave,

I just want to thank you and everyone else who have made this sega-saturn website the helpful and informative resource for people like myself who own a sega saturn.

I have only recently experienced the pleasure of playing on this great console, after getting hold of a pre-owned Saturn with some games for a very cheap price.

And due to the helpful information on this site as well as your marvellous reviews I have had the opportunity to tell a good game from a bad one … I now have the following games most bought because of the reviews on this site.

Guardian Heroes
Virtua Fighter 2
Daytona USA
Sega Rally championship
Panzer Dragoon
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Sega International Victory Goal
Sega WorldWide Soccer 97 & 98
Command & Conquer

DaveZ replies: Well, you’re welcome. That’s pretty much the reason that the site is still up, because I felt it would be a good reference for people still looking for Saturn games or for those that just want to look back at something that they remember fondly. And much like most massage parlors, it’s also a front for various illegal activities like prostitution, drug dealing, and the good ol’ Asian slave trade.

Deep Fear

I have a universal adapter for my U.S. Saturn that says St-Key 1.0 and it has a switch for 1M/4M ram cart games. It seems to play most of my Japanese and U.K. imports just fine, but when I load Deep Fear(Euro), it will only play for 5-10 minutes and then it shuts off saying “cartridge not suitable for system”. Needless to say I am not getting very far on this game. Do I need a different adapter or did Sega just get better at locking out their games, as this was a late release and I heard that Vampire Savior , which was also a late release, only works with newer adapters.

DaveZ replies: I actually never spent much time with the St-Key or other Adapter carts for the Saturn because I had a switch put on mine by National Console Support when I first imported one. But, I think you pretty much nailed the problem — the newer games probably just don’t work well with the older version of the adapter.

March 13, 2001

The Milkman Fucking Rulez!

i ust Wanted t0 say that i saw the reveiwb y t3 milkman on your website and i Thonk yp0u should know how fuX0r1ng bl;essed u ar to jhave him ghoSt-writ1ng reveiws on ur site, man.. tht guy sh4pes the fuX0ring xciourse of hte industry,d ude ITS HIS FUX0RING WROLD, MaN, wE JUST FuX0RING LIVE IN iT!!!!!!1~~~ u wth me, dog????????? bestf uX0ring wishez, rodney p.. s keepp uP the good fuX0rimng w2ork~~~~~~~

DaveZ replies: Yep, I completely agree with what you’re saying here, even if I don’t understant most of what you’ve typed. James is the very best reviewer that has ever submitted a review to and we’ve actually had a few people write reviews to us that have gone on to bigger and better things (well, maybe not better).

None have been better than Milk, though, and none will likely ever top him because he has something that most gamers don’t have — style. He also looks good in tight leather and dresses better than any other videogame journalist around with the only person coming close being Sam “Turtlekneck” Kennedy.

If I were a lady, I would kill to have Milk by my side and if he were my man, I wouldn’t ever do anything to screw things up with him. I LOVE JAMES MIELKE!

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